Removing Veins from Your Legs Options

Removing Veins from Your Legs Options

Removing Veins from Your Legs Options

While talking about removing veins from legs first we need to know that why do we need to do so. The answer to it is sometimes veins are enlarged and becomes varicose. It is possible that any vein in your body becomes varicose but most common affected area is legs and feet. The reason for it is that standing and walking increases pressure in the veins of lower body. For some people varicose veins are of cosmetic concern while for others they may cause discomfort and pain. Vein removal service can be used to remove such veins.


Symptoms that show that you have varicose veins, which are not painful, are:

” Veins appear dark blue or purple in color
” They may appear bulging and twisted like cords on your legs.

Symptoms that show you have painful varicose veins are:

” Bleeding from varicose veins
” Painful cord in vein with red discoloration of skin
” Itching around some of your veins
” Heavy feeling in your legs
” Bad pain after sitting or standing for long time
” Swelling and muscle cramps in your legs

There is another type of veins that are enlarged but are called spider veins. The only difference between varicose and spider veins is that spider veins are smaller and are found closer to skin’s surface and of mostly red or blue color.


Arteries carry blood from heart to other organs and veins return blood from body to the heart for recirculation. Taking blood back from legs to the heart, veins work against gravity. The main causes of varicose veins can be:

” Age: As a person grew older veins loses elasticity causing them to stretch. The valves in veins become weak and blood starts flowing backward then flowing upwards. Blood pools in veins making them enlarge and varicose.

” Pregnancy: Pregnancy increases volume of blood in the body but decreases the flow of blood from legs to heart and hence causing varicose veins. Changes in hormones during pregnancy also play a role. Varicose veins developed in pregnancy can be cured without medical treatment within 3 to 12 months after delivery.


It is not possible to completely prevent varicose veins but one can improve blood circulation in order to decrease risk of developing varicose veins. Some of the measures that can be done at home are:

” Exercising
” Changing sitting and standing position regularly
” Eating ha high fiber diet
” Having less salty diet
” Avoiding heels
” Elevating your legs

Treatment for Severe Varicose Veins

If the condition is more severe and cannot be treated by exercising and other activities, following measures can be adopted:

” Sclerotherapy: In this treatment, doctor injects varicose veins with solution that closes these veins. In few days these veins gets fade.
” Laser surgeries: Doctors these days are using laser treatments for closing varicose and spider veins. These treatments include sending of strong burst of light on veins, which makes them fade and slowly disappear as well.
” Ambulatory phlebectomy: In this doctor removes varicose veins by series of tiny skin punctures. Scarring is less in this process.
” Endoscopic vein surgery: This is done only in advance case if other techniques fail. This process is performed on outpatient basis.

These procedures can be done by vein removal service.

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