Property Differences between America and Asia

Property Differences between America and Asia

Property Differences between America and Asia

Most people are aware of the vast differences between Asia and America. The culture and style of living between these two are in many ways completely opposite. Another way in which America and Asia differ is their property. Properties can have many different shapes and sizes, but for most countries there is a general norm for the most part. The question is what are the differences in the norm for America and the norm for Asia?

Material Most Commonly Used

In America, the majority of homes and even some business buildings are made primarily of wood; whereas in Asia, almost all buildings are primarily concrete. This is mainly due to the resources that are readily available in each country. America still has a large amount of open land throughout the country; trees grow in abundance there. In most Asian countries, there is a larger population spread over a smaller land space compared with America. Because of this key difference, Asia does not have as many available trees, preferring to leave theirs standing due to the fact that there are not as many of them as there used to be. This is why most Asian countries prefer to use concrete; however, this is not the only reason.

Average Height of Buildings

America has a decent number of skyscrapers, but in comparison with most of Asia, their buildings are quite small. Due to being somewhat overpopulated in comparison, most Asian countries require tall apartment buildings. These buildings vary from heights of six to forty floors, usually containing at least four apartment houses on each floor. These tall buildings are always made primarily of concrete in order to make them safe and stable. America has tall buildings as well, however they are usually built for either business, industry, or shopping. Many of the malls in America are several stories high; none come even close to the forty stories of Asia’s apartment buildings, but they do get quite tall. The average house built in America is just one or two stories high, built for a single family rather than multiple families as the Asian apartment buildings are.

Differences in Contractual Buying of Property

When it comes to contracts in terms of buying property, America is quite simple; you come to terms with the price you are going to pay; both you and the original owner sign a contract based on that price; you pay them the money either all at once or monthly. That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve signed and paid, the property is yours. In many Asian countries, however, contracts are not so simple. Take China for example; when someone buys land in China, they tend to pay the full amount within two to five years. The properties there are much cheaper than those in America, for the most part. However, after 70 years of owning that property, the government has the authority to usurp the land from that person and claim it as government property free of charge! This is not the case for all Asian countries; however, the majority of them do have very unique add-ons in their contracts. Whether those add-ons are for better or for worse is up to you to decide!

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